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TEMS Urban Tactics


This TEMS Urban Tactical course is the most popular tactical course as most Emergency Medical Care Practitioner work daily in this environment.

Again, our ideal is to see every emergency care worker with this qualification. We cater for all HPSCA registered emergency care providers (BLS to ALS, Doctors and also Professional Nurses).  To be very honest this is not the easiest course in the medical environment but one of the most special courses ever. We change your mind set forever. The course is structured to equip the emergency care provider with the knowledge, skills and insight to work safely in a high-risk, high-threat environment, something that we face regularly in South Africa.

About the course…
Joseph MacIntyre, Leo Prinsloo, Riaan van Staden and Morne Rossouw will see to it that the following Tactical subjects are covered and well understood:

Urban tactical movement:

  • Team set up
  • Communication – Radio & Non verbal
  • Equipment
  • Cover and concealment.
  • Planning

Urban movement:

  • Types of entries
  • Room entry techniques
  • Room clearing techniques
  • Approaching techniques
  • Quick peek
  • Slicing the pie
  • Step By’s
  • Button hook
  • High and low
  • Stairwells
  • Hallways

Firearm training:
Handgun and members will be taken through basic aspects of firearms handling and will include the following:

  • Fundamentals of shooting.
  • Draw, cock and fire.
  • Magazine changes.
  • Stoppage rectifications.
  • Various shooting positions.
  • Tactical turns
  • Multiple shots.
  • Multiple targets.
  • Target identification.
  • Obstacle crossing/ scaling techniques.
  • Weapon retention/ transition drills.
  • Moving with firearms in hand.
  • Moving tactically on foot in a team.
  • Night shooting techniques- No Light and low light conditions with weapons, as well as medical scenarios.

o Force on Force scenarios

Special attention will be given to strict weapon discipline with regards to safety.

➢ The learner will experience the stress on an entry team when there’s shots fired at the team, when the team needs to move with no prior planning and in low and no light conditions.

➢ The learner will be trained in the safe handling of firearms and the tactical application of weapons in the urban and rural environment.

➢ The learner will get the opportunity to do live firing exercises with the firearms during an urban and rural simulation.

➢Use of Mfezi /Caspir/Njala armored ambulance in tactical scenarios

We are privileged to have some of South Africans best subjects specialists presenting the lectures, among which are ex-Special Force Operators (Military) and ex-Special Task Force (SAPS) members. Our Special Force operators have long been viewed as extremely competent and experienced “operators” in the International Special Forces community.

Our lecturers are committed to give you their best, and to enable you to learn and experience the ultimate in TACTICAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE.