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Due to the financial strain on everybody we have decided to make this a more modular based course. To qualify as a TEMS operator you have to finish all the modules before you are tagged and can walk around as a TEMS Operator

TEMS Tactical Medical Module
This is a 6 day course filled with the latest and greatest Tactical Medical Concepts. (2x weekends) 
At this stage we are looking at R6 000. But we will keep you up to date with any new developments.

Introduction to TEMS
By the end of the two and a half days students will be able to participate in scenarios, by using both the theoretical and practical training information gathered in course work. R2500 per student excluding ammunition (+/- 150 rounds will be used) A minimum of 4-8 students are required for the course to commence. Bookings are essential and should be made well in advance to confirm placements on the course. The course is physically intensive and a high level of fitness is required.

A weekend of exciting training! This will include a night shoot as 99% of the time we spend in an austere circumstance would be at night.

TEMS Urban, Rural, Maritime
As this is one of the most important modules of the course. We need to allow more time with this module. Please understand that we as Health Care Practitioners has never done this type of work/module and more time needs to be spent on these elements. We have divided it into three weekends. R4000 per weekend. This would give you enough time to save money for this module.  These modules would be presented throughout the year and give you ample time to do these modules

These courses/ modules all depends on the amount of students. We need to keep in mind the student instructor ratio. To be fair to the students we need to look at 1:3 ratio.

A minimum of 8 students per module is needed for each module

“It’s the basics that make the difference!”

This is a 9 day course, filled with adventure and excitement.

Divided in three weekends at R3000 per weekend.

Requirements: Professional registration with HPCSA or International Equivalent. (BLS, ILS, ALS, Medical Doctor and Nurses)

Please contact us per e-mail to find out about available training dates.


New dates for 2022 to follow.TEMS Introduction
New Dates for 2022 to follow.TEMS Urban Tactics
New Dates for 2022 to follow.TEMS Rural Tactics
New dates for 2022 to follow.TEMS Maritime