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TEMS - Tactical Emergency Medical Support Training


About the course…

  • The TEMS course is a highly energetic fun filled practical experience. We have implemented a modular approach to try and make it more financially feasible for the average medical person. It consists of a Medical module and a specialist module. You have to do the medical module before you decide what specialty you would like to specialize in. The specialties are Urban, Rural and Maritime Tactics. You are more than welcome to train in more than one. During the 4-5 days medical module we will be imparting knowledge on the following subjects:
  • Introduction to TEMS
  • Medical equipment
  • Wound Ballistics and Blasting injuries
  • Medical Reconnaissance and Planning
  • Transport Techniques
  • Tactical Primary Health Care / De-briefing
  • New developments in Airway, Breathing and Circulation Techniques
  • Shock and its management
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
    • Care Under Fire
    • Tactical Field Care
    • Casualty Casevac
  • International Trauma Life support (ITLS) Under Fire

Who are our lecturers?
We are privileged to have some of South Africans best subjects specialists presenting the lectures, among which are ex-Special Force Operators (Military), ex-Special Task Force (SAPS) members, and even a veterinarian specialist in emergency veterinarian care and  anesthesiologist with a deep knowledge of managing K9 emergencies. A Forensic Pathologist and a CSI specialist just to name a few.

Our lecturers are committed to give you their best, and to enable you to learn and experience the ultimate in TACTICAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE.
We also make use of medical specialists in their fields to augment and bring their vast knowledge and experience to your learning opportunity, Dr Hestelle Nell is a Forensic Pathologist working in the largest mortuary in Johannesburg. Dr Kenneth Joubert specializes in K9 Anesthesiology, pain relief and Critical care. LtCol Neels Botha is one of South African Police Services top Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) that looks at crime scene protection and preservation. When I mention instructors I cannot, but get goose bumps when I introduce our tactical and medical instructors.

With more than 200 years combined experience in their separate units and with international experience, the instructors are the most qualified people to train any student in medicine and tactical procedures. Together they and their team will impart their best knowledge and experiences on to you. Who else would you want to teach you but the best of the best?