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Is this course for me?

Position in the International Arena:
With experience in both tactical and medical fields we are one of the top TEMS Tactical Providers in the world. We always say that you need to look at your instructors and then you can make up your own mind. Please have a look at ours!!

And the benefits?
With TEMS there are medical professionals immediately on scene in a conflict situation and able to render immediate emergency medical care. The facts speak for themselves: when Civilian Paramedics are trained in military as well as policing tactics in order to support their local law enforcement agencies, more lives are saved than through the normal and conventional EMS models. Most of South Africa can be considered a high-risk environment, especially in the realm of emergency medical care. I do believe that this course would make an immense difference in your day –to-day lifestyle, the way you deal with emergencies, as well as your everyday work on the South African and African streets