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Tactical Medicine is a young but fast-growing field in the South African Emergency Medical environment. TacMed
conducted research and started developing TEMS for the South African Emergency Care Practitioner over the last 20 years. With our own extensive combat medical experience as a starting point, we took some time to investigate and attend various international courses to see how the international market attains their goals in the training of their medical professionals.

In November 2006 TacMed ran the first South African TEMS pilot course which proved to be a huge success. A second followed early in April 2007 to perfect the curriculum. The course was developed to specifically cater for the needs of the South African Emergency care worker. We shaved off some of the more American ideas and added/adapted more relevant subject matter that would suit the African Market. In July 2007 TacMed presented the first commercial Basic TEMS course and “created a monster.” The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and since then positive reports of the course have spread like a wild fire and more courses followed.

Since 2007 the course has developed even further where we can proudly say that we have some of the best specialists in the country who empower our students. Every lecture is presented by a specialist in his or her field. The course is presented in a 40/60 theory practical way. Medicine and operational tactics are equally important.
You may be wondering: Who should attend this advanced tactical medical course?

Our ideal is to see every emergency care worker with this qualification. At this stage we cater for all HPSCA registered emergency care providers (BLS to ALS, Doctors and also Professional Nurses). The course is structured to equip the emergency care provider with the knowledge, skills and insight to work safely in a high-risk high-threat environment, something that we face regularly in South Africa.

TEMS Training Video